Common services for jewelry.

Are you a jewelry enthusiast? From cleaning and repairs to custom designs and appraisals, jewelry services are essential for maintaining and enhancing your precious pieces. In this article, we will explore the most common services offered for jewelry, providing insights into how these services can help you keep your jewelry looking its best and preserve its value.

1. Resizing Jewelry

A common service for rings, resizing involves adjusting a piece of jewelry to fit the wearer perfectly. While it may seem like a basic service, resizing should be entrusted to highly skilled repair technicians. Poorly done resizing can weaken the structure of your jewelry or result in aesthetic flaws. Discover the importance of expert resizing services for your precious pieces in maintaining their integrity and beauty.

common services for jewelry

2. Replacement or Adjustment of Prongs

Prongs hold precious gemstones in place, but they can loosen or wear down over time. If the damage is minimal, a professional repair technician can simply bend the prong back into place. For more extensive damage, the prong may need to be re-tipped or replaced entirely. At Coffin & Trout, our workshop commonly uses our laser welder for such repairs, which is the optimal tool for retipping prongs. This is a machine that most stores do not possess, ensuring expert care for your jewelry.

common services for jewelry

3. Repair of chains or clasps

When it comes to fixing chains or clasps, I wouldn’t trust just anyone. Take the time to inquire about the qualifications and experience of the jeweler, and maybe even ask to see examples of previous repair work. In many cases, if you’re working with a store that creates custom jewelry, it’s likely they have skilled artisans who are also highly proficient in repairs.

When a necklace or bracelet breaks, people often try to fix it themselves, but the tools and materials available to the average consumer are usually of low quality. Instead, take your piece to a professional with the proper resources and level of skill to do the job correctly.

common services for jewelry

4. Fixing or replacing gemstones

A loose stone often indicates an issue with the prong, but occasionally, hard impacts on the gemstone can chip or loosen it. In the latter case, after an examination, your jeweler may recut or reset the gemstone to conceal the damage. Otherwise, a complete replacement may be necessary.

common services for jewelry


In conclusion, jewelry repair and replacement services are essential for maintaining and preserving the beauty and value of our precious pieces. Whether we need to fix a broken necklace, resize a ring, or replace a damaged gemstone, it’s important to trust qualified and experienced professionals in the field. By choosing a reliable jeweler with the right skills, we can ensure that our jewelry is treated with the care and attention it deserves, guaranteeing its durability and impeccable appearance over time.