Jewelry Care: How to be Mindful with your Jewelry!

Consider investing your time when purchasing jewelry, avoiding the urge to buy every passing fad, metals that are not durable, or pieces that don’t suit your personal style. It’s wiser to select a few timeless pieces that can be worn now and in the future! Below are some guidelines to help you make informed decisions when dealing with or acquiring new jewelry.

1. Create an inventory

Capture images of all your jewelry and document key details of your valuable pieces. Ensure that you have quick access to appraisals or receipts as well.

2. Get Appraisals 

And while we’re on the subject of appraisals… a decade-old appraisal may not accurately reflect the current (and potentially higher!) market value of your beloved necklace, ring, or watch. Let David Craig Jewelers assist you in safeguarding the worth of your investments by providing an updated appraisal that verifies ownership, presents a replacement estimate, and determines the precise value for charitable donations. Moreover, we can suggest insurance recommendations if you haven’t already insured your cherished pieces.

jewelry care

3. Shop Sustainable

Expanding your collection? Why not contemplate vintage, antique, or estate jewelry? These adored pieces appear as if they’re brand new, have been meticulously maintained, and are likely to endure for several more decades.

jewelry care

4. Take Care of your Jewelry 

When preparing your inventory, take some extra time to check clasps and prongs of your lovely pieces. Better yet, bring your jewelry in for us to examine it for you. We offer complimentary cleaning and inspection. And don’t forget to store fine jewelry in separate pouches to prevent scratches.

jewelry care

5. Treat Yourself 

Consider investing in timeless, versatile jewelry pieces such as a magnificent diamond necklace, diamond stud earrings, or gold hoop earrings for daily wear. High-quality jewelry crafted from precious metals complements every outfit and enhances any style. And when you visit David Craig Jewelers, make sure to explore our Silver Sandbox featuring sterling silver rings, hoops, and other accessories at affordable prices.

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In the end…

In the end, taking good care of your jewelry is essential to preserve its beauty and longevity. Remember, a little effort in jewelry care goes a long way in keeping your treasures shining bright.