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Differences between natural and lab grown diamonds.

Diamonds are one of the most valued and coveted gemstones in the world. However, today, there are two types of diamonds available: natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds. Although both types of jewelry appear similar at first glance, there are some things in which they are not alike.

Differences between natural and lab grown diamonds.

Natural diamonds

Natural stones are formed on Earth. They are created when carbon is exposed to a unique mix of high pressure and high temperature over many years. These stones are mined and then undergo a cutting to become the precious stones we see in jewelry.

Lab diamonds

On the other hand, lab grown diamonds are created in a analysis and artificial places in a lab. Using advanced technology, scientists mimic the same high pressure, high temperature characteristics found on Earth to produce precious stones that have the same chemical blend and aesthetic characteristics as natural stones.

Differences between natural and lab grown diamonds


The main difference between the two types of diamonds is their origin. Natural stones are formed in nature and can take many years to create, while lab grown stones are created in a few weeks in a controlled environment. Additionally, lab grown diamonds are more cheap than natural stones, as they do not have the costs related with mining and recovery.

Differences between natural and lab grown diamonds

In terms of quality and design, lab grown stones can be of the same quality as natural diamonds. Both types of stones can have the same characteristics such as color, clarity, and cut, and can be equally nice in jewelry and other items. The only way to differentiate them is through lab testing, which can decide if a diamond is natural or lab grown.

After all

The place of origin is the main difference between these two types of diamonds is their origin. Both may be of the same quality and beauty, but lab grown stones are more cheap and are created in a specific environment rather than taken from nature.

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