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The right jewelry for that special person

There are jewels to jewels. Some are perfect to give on a birthday, others are for celebrating a graduation or sealing a promise of love. And just as events are different and require the right jewelry, within a relationship there are also more convenient jewelry than others depending on whether they are just starting out, are in a consolidation phase or have already formed a solid commitment.


When they meet at this moment, the details are focused on winning the heart of the chosen girl. Flowers, chocolates, romantic dinners, are the most common gifts. But to make a moment truly unforgettable, there is nothing better than giving away a jewel. Heart-shaped earrings are a delicate and tasteful detail to surprise her at a romantic dinner. If the occasion is even more special, like hers, her birthday, you can flatter her with a pearl pendant, letting her know that she is as delicate, unique and special to you as that gem from the sea.

Beginning of courtship

Once the courtship is formalized, the idea will be to continue conquering her every day since love that is not sought ends up disappearing. This does not mean that every week you have to arrive with a new jewel, but it does mean that special occasions are always excellent to make those moments unforgettable. The ideal jewels for this are pendants in romantic shapes.

The right jewelry

Consolidation of love

At this stage they have discovered that they are the love of their lives with each other. Although they are not yet ready for the proposal, they know that they will take the final step later. Therefore, a promise ring is the right piece of jewelry. It can be pretty much any style you like and have gems or not. The important thing is the meaning it holds and this is that they are willing to fully commit themselves to their relationship.

Getting the “Yes”

This is one of the most important jewels of their relationship, since it immortalizes one of their most significant moments: the formal declaration in which the groom asks the bride to become his wife. For this, the ring that will accompany them in that event must be chosen very well. Some men become overwhelmed because they have no idea how to plan it.

The right jewelry

Reaffirming his promise

Once your love has transcended the barriers of time and overcome the difficulties that usually arise between couples, the ideal jewel to honor your love is a churumbela. This ring is characterized by its thin ring in which, generally, a line of diamonds is embedded. It is ideal to give as a gift after the fourth year of marriage (and for the following years diamonds are added) or at the birth of the first child.

The right jewelry

Celebrating another year

Finally, each marriage anniversary can be celebrated with a particular gem in any type of jewelry: rings, necklaces, earrings or whatever you like.

The right jewelry

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