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Tools for craft jewelry

Tools for craft jewelry play a vital role in bringing exquisite designs to life. From precision cutters to intricate soldering torches, explore the essential tools that elevate the art of jewelry making to new heights.

Tools for craft jewelry

1. Sandpaper

To create truly memorable art pieces, you must include sandpaper of different thicknesses in your jewelry-making tools. These are used to smooth, polish, shine or clean metal and give them the finish they require to make your jewelry ready to wear.Why do we start the list with the handmade jewelry tool that we will use at the end? Well, even though it is the material we use at the end, it is the first one we should buy.

Tools for craft jewelry

2. Hacksaw and saw blades

Another recommended tool for jewelry artisans who, like you, are discovering the world of handmade jewelry, are jeweler’s saws and blades, also known as saw blades. These come in different sizes for cutting and piercing metal, depending on the idea you have in mind.

Tools for craft jewelry

3. Torch

This is one of the essential tools for handmade jewelry, as it allows, through welding, to create an almost invisible union between metals, giving your jewelry a very professional touch.

So, the next time someone asks you, «What tools should I use to make a ring?» You can answer very professionally: the torch is used to join the pieces, and then, to further improve the finishes, a little flux is added to create a hermetic layer in the welded areas and eliminate any rust that may form.

Tools for craft jewelry

4. Ring sizer

From ring sizers to other tools for handmade jewelry, the names may vary, but their purpose remains the same. In this case, it is to give a ring the ideal size to wear with pride, without the stress of it being too tight.With a ring sizer, you can enlarge the size of a ring and, if necessary, correct any deformations and increase the size and shape of this accessory. This way, there will be no stress when giving a ring as a gift, as you have the tool to adjust it whenever you want. Moreover, they are very easy to find on pages like Amazon.

Tools for craft jewelry

5. Hammer

What are the most commonly used tools in metalworking? One of them is the hammer, the element with which you will shape your jewelry. There are several types of hammers:

  • The ball-peen hammer
  • The leather mallet
  • The planishing hammer
  • The brass hammer
  • The chasing hammer
  • The textured hammer

The list goes on, but to start building your kit of tools for handmade jewelry, we recommend the leather mallet for hardening metals without marring them or the planishing hammer for working out imperfections in the material. If you want to add textured patterns, you can acquire a textured hammer, which will save you time and help you achieve uniform patterns.

5. Jewelry drill

To further polish your jewelry and shape your designs, we share with you this tool that will give precision to your pieces: the jewelry drill. With this tool, you can drill sheets of metal or stones for handmade jewelry and make wire wrapping even easier, which is often very popular when we want to learn how to make costume jewelry.

6. Steel studs

To work with handmade jewelry pliers, with a hammer, or with any other tool, you can use steel anvils, which, being completely flat, facilitate working with metal. In this way, it is easier to strike the metal without fear of damaging the work table where you are located. You can also use it to help flatten your pieces.

8. Firebrick

We are in front of a future master of handmade jewelry, that’s why we are concerned that everything goes well when creating different types of jewelry with precious stones and noble metals. In that sense, we recommend working with the elements mentioned above, especially those of heat, such as the torch and soldering, on a support created for this task.

Refractory materials and fiber plates are the ideal tools for handmade jewelry to work with very high levels of heat with confidence. In addition, they allow heat to be evenly distributed, helping you achieve much more precise work.


The world of handmade jewelry is a fascinating and rewarding one, offering endless possibilities for creativity and self-expression. With the right tools and techniques, anyone can learn to create beautiful and unique pieces that reflect their personal style and vision. Whether you are interested in beading, metalworking, or any other technique, there is always something new to discover and explore in this exciting field. So why not pick up some tools and start creating your own stunning pieces today? With practice, patience, and a little bit of imagination, you can create jewelry that is truly one-of-a-kind and that you will cherish for years to come.

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