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Which jewel to choose for each occasion?

Jewels are an ideal complement for all occasions as they give us distinction and elegance, however, not all jewels are equally appropriate for any event or situation in our lives. For this reason we want to give you a series of tips so that you know exactly which jewel to choose for each occasion depending on the clothes you have chosen for some important day.

which jewel to choose

The second thing we have to look at for our choice is the event or the place we are going to attend, since it is not the same to go to a wedding, a business dinner or a family meal. Thus, depending on the situation, you will know which jewel to choose.

Informal event

If the commitment we have is an informal event, but we want to give a touch of elegance to our outfit while being discreet, we can choose to choose something colorful for the occasion. Thus, for example, a necklace with a beautiful pendant can add a fun touch to our outfit, or even a small brooch on our jacket or our dress can be a sophisticated way to give a different touch to our informal look.

To go to work

In our day to day, for example, when we go to work, jewelry can also help us improve our outfits. In this way, it is not necessary for there to be a special event to be able to wear jewelry, since there are such varied jewelry that can be adapted to any situation in our lives. Thus, if we are looking for something to give a different touch to our work look, we can opt for a fine silver bracelet or a nice watch that will make us look much more sophisticated and elegant, while giving us a serious and formal image.

which jewel to choose

Night party

If the event we are going to attend is a night party, we can risk more with our choice of jewelry and select some more striking ones. Thus, we can opt for long diamond earrings or a daring diamond necklace, since anything that shines will come in handy for these occasions. However, as we mentioned earlier, remember not to overload your image, as it will make the beauty of the jewelry you have chosen not shine so much.

Formal or work event

Sometimes we can find that we have an event or a party but that it is formal, either because it is a work party or some kind of gala. In this case, it is best to select a discreet jewel and not take risks with our choice. Thus, for these occasions we can choose pearls or silver, simple and beautiful jewels that without attracting much attention will manage to give your outfit a touch of distinction. For these occasions, classic and timeless jewelery is an easy way to be sure of making the right choice.

which jewel to choose

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